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The Basic Principles of Top Rated Body Corporate Manager That You Will be Able to Learn From Beginning Right Away

The Basic Principles of Top Rated Body Corporate Manager You Will be Able to Learn From Beginning Immediately

The manager isn’t accountable for the upkeep of the typical property, but might organise work in the event the committee asks them to. Possessing a strata manager may also be a tremendous help when it regards the day-to-day running of the area. The strata manager becomes a guide on how best to create the best decision for the specific property, and frequently knows the ideal service men and women in the region if required.

The very best management is going to be incharge of the undertaking and there are not many crucial aspects they will need to remember whilst executing the undertaking. In the event the management of USQ makes the decision to renovate or retrofitting the current building that include the sustainability initiatives reduces operation expenses and environmental impacts and is going to result in increasing building resiliency, would be an important decision. The total maturation of heavy engineering laboratory is going to have all facilities hasn’t been easy mainly due to the reason that the expenses involved with establishing such laboratory facilities within the campus and due to other development restrictions at the laboratory website. Looking following your community isn’t as easy as it might look.

The Debate Over Top Rated Body Corporate Manager

The positive momentum gained when you own a work offer in your back pocket is quite strong. Your confidence is going to be sky high and you won’t be scared to ask for more because you don’t have anything to lose. Nevertheless, it will likely be spotted by other people and although they might not comment, they will receive a feeling you weren’t too happy. Instead, it is going to give them a sense of comfort and genuine warmth in your business.

If you search the web for information on andragogy and the entire idea of adult education, you’ll locate some who believe Knowles himself later came to believe the exact principles ought to be applied to childhood education in some specific scenarios. Along by means of lighting system, having adequate accessibility to the pure daylight is a significant principle of sustainable design. As it won’t only reduce energy use but in addition it increases comfort and enhance productivity. Whenever there is extra work that should be done, either general levies increase slightly to accommodate the price, or an exceptional one-off levy will be asked to cover it. Your succinct and straight-forward method of communicating is extremely refreshing and I eagerly advise this important work for all job seekers.

GREEN PRODUCTS In many circumstances some of the casework products that are manufactured now regarded as green. As a consequence, a cottage industry of corporate wellness businesses have sprung up in the past few decades, offering various distinct services and approaches. Keep them in mind as you’re searching for a corporate wellness organization to help out your company! The HR business partner is largely aspirational and needs to be dropped immediately. A pal of mine worked for an organization that was bought-out by a larger firm. The teacher is the expert who by virtue of their superior wisdom and experience over the student determines not merely the content of what’s to be taught, but how it’s taught also. There are many well-known liberal arts colleges where you can make a Human Resources management degree without taking a single small business class.


Norman Schmidt ‘s Reviews & Guide

The aim of the presentation is to emphasize the benign character of stress in respect to its immediate results on the body. No progress was made over the upcoming several days.

Nowadays you’ve got the opportunity to grow the possibility of being caught, big moment. It was time for one more shift. It might sound odd, but you truly need to trust. Everything looked legitimate. Seems like the excessiveness issue is really academic here unless it’s linked on appeal to trial issues which lead to a new trial. It feels like it’s the cause of a lot of the difficulties.

In other conditions, money was taken without anyones knowledge, and the handiest person has been accused. A number of the money was returned. It’s almost not possible to run a hedge fund for more than a decade without having a considerable draw-down. Actually, investor funds aren’t insured and have yet to be used in a note or financial instrument-trading program. Additionally, it seems that Norman Schmidt ‘s treated investor funds as his very own personal funds. All investors ought to be warned of the shift.

Facts, Fiction and Norman Schmidt’s Review

The function of the funding body in the plan of the analysis and collection, analysis, and interpretation of information and in writing the manuscript ought to be declared. Thus, it can be that these variables possess a special relation to tonic immobility. Furthermore, the framework gives a chance to reflect on the fraud triangle.

Emma was not a great guest. Shirley was the famed multiple-personality patient referred to as Sybil Dorsett. Obviously, Weiss was not in court at the moment.

Norman Schmidt’s Review at a Glance

This guide was corrected in this internet archive. This story, obviously, also has a bigger context. Another is that we’ve heard this story from folks who invested with Madoff.

This approach delivers limited insight into the methods in which offenders come to commit crime. This study has sought to supply direct evidence on the disposition of accountant fraud in an attempt to boost our knowledge of a substantial category of occupational fraud in practice. This presentation describes the essence of stress and the consequences of stress physically.

Whatever They Told You About Norman Schmidt’s Review Is Dead Wrong…And Here’s Why

The officer managed to use her private riot alarm and chemical spray to block the attack. On occasion a suspect was framed by means of a colleague. If you believe you could be a casualty of investor fraud, please call your regional FBI office for help. In this instance, it appears that a man’s house is his hassle. My life isn’t effortless, she explained. Simply speaking, the world is a far greater place.


The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Agency Revealed

Well, you quite simply want to have an agency that knows the way to help you attain an optimum online advertising strategy. When you seek the services of an agency you generally conserve both time and money. When you employ a search engine advertising agency, the search engine promoting work will be finished without disruptions. In general, it’s important to employ a search engine advertising agency to remain current with the most recent trends.

The agency is to blame for setting up your online advertising campaigns as required by your specialty enterprise. It will also help you in pushing your brand and place it in front of your target customers. It will also help you in coming up with the key demographics and ideal advertising strategy that will be attractive to your target customers. Experience-when you employ a digital marketing and advertising agency, they need to have a comparatively large amount of experience within this field. When you employ a digital advertising and marketing agency you don’t need to worry of advertising your business as you’ll have left the work to professionals. You may get assistance from a fantastic digital advertising agency.


The agency will work with you and produce an advertising campaign that can help you in pushing your business ahead. You will need an agency that could provide a holistic and integrated campaign complementing all your other advertising activities. A digital advertising agency handles the advertising facet of a company, but in the digital world. It will also be able to write their own material or have a team of content writers that can help them optimize a website for SEO purposes. Since these agencies levy heavy charges, deciding upon a great digital advertising and marketing agency which will offer value for money becomes even more important.

New Ideas Into Digital Marketing Agency Never Before Revealed

It helps in developing a website that offers easy and straightforward navigation, a responsive layout, smooth flow of contents as well as a site that is well optimized. Digital marketing agencies come across a variety of clients and they know the way the success of a site is accomplished. Selecting a digital advertising agency for your business doesn’t need to be difficult.

Top Digital Marketing Agency Choices

Marketing is quite a common term and has been utilized by the firms since history. Marketing in the digital space has developed immensely with time. Content marketing, on the flip side, is being rediscovered as a means to generate targeted website traffic. Digital marketing is the reach for the majority of businesses and societal sites have completed an exceptional job by promoting business.

With the extreme popularity of digital media, individuals are more prepared to incorporate digital marketing in their everyday way of life. Before you engage in any sort of internet marketing or sales approach whether it’s an SEO, blast email or classic advertising approach, you have to understand who your target audience is.


What You Need to Know About Longmont CO Painters

Painting may be a considerable undertaking, whether you’re painting only one room or a whole home. It is simply not our one and only specialization, even if it is our quest to offer best quality painting to Longmont customers. The secret of excellent painting can be found in the direction you plan and get ready for the job.

Mapping all the streets is essential for use when driving in residential locations. 17 World cities aren’t simply the world’s biggest cities. 27 World cities aren’t simply the world’s biggest cities.

The area has a number of the greatest percentages of individuals who attended the college of any ZIP. With quite a few alternatives and several locations, it is possible to find anything you are searching for. Kate’s place is completely adorable. When embarking on a project as big as painting your house, it’s important that you know beforehand what sort of quality you’ll be able to count on from the painters you hire. It was the very first time the crew was assigned work in a city setting. It’s, in addition, the place to ask a question in case you don’t know the best places to ask.

Property types are offered in an assortment of styles and sizes to fit everyone’s wants and wants. As soon as you’ve determined the kind of garage door, you are able to move on to picking the material. It is a great option for applications that benefit from an expert appearance and basic map reference details. It is a superb selection for applications that have drawing locations, territories, and other details on your map. It is going to be the proper car rental selection for groups and big families.

If your door appears to be working fine overall, don’t hesitate to inspect the problem further. A quickly closing garage door may easily develop into a security hazard. Just like most things mechanical, garage doors may start to build problems following a few years of usage. Just be certain you acquire the most suitable wood and maintenance supplies initially.

The beauty industry provides excellent opportunities. In the event the business conducts background checks, that’s a very good sign. For such folks, it is necessary to see that marketing is an essential, all-encompassing practice. On the opposite hand, advertising is essential elements of an advertising program and also the most expensive one.

For those who haven’t done your enterprise plan for 2016 yet, answer these 3 questions and you’ll be better off than if you quit reading. If you’re not knowledgeable about the undertaking, the weight alone could end up being a problem. The booking procedure is secured and is made as straightforward as possible. It’s an incredible tool to use if you’re on the go.


Essential SEO Tips to Optimize Your Marketing Video

Before we start, we have to mention that there are no SEO rules written in stone for optimizing a video. However, SEO experts have noticed that YouTube and search engines for websites use a similar pattern when crawling through different keywords. Certain criteria can be noticed, and certain rules can be applied. Although most SEO techniques that are more complex than the average small business marketer can apply, you can easily use some basic techniques and practices to boost your video and create a successful video marketing campaign. Continue reading to find out more about optimizing your marketing videos.

Keywords, Description, and Titles

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon that marketers simply rush to produce and post a video, neglecting to attend to the keywords, description, and titles that apply to the video. So, the first step of creating a quality optimized video is not to rush! Don’t be anxious to begin marketing your products or services and neglect thinking through what are the best keywords that will accurately describe what you are offering. Don’t try ranking for common keywords because you will have too many competition. Instead, you should try geo-targeting your product or service. Think about what would your customers type in their browsers while searching for a similar service like yours. Try answering a relevant question about your business and field of work and try doing this through an entertaining, yet engaging video. Without picking out relevant keywords, your audience won’t be able to reach you or find you, so make sure you apply the following tips.

When it comes to on-page text and links to the video, you should make sure all the videos on your website are presented on individual URLs. The text surrounding the video file is also very important, and it should include relevant keywords and links that give the search engine bots a contextual help. Next, you should optimize your video filename. Just like you optimize HTML pages and websites, you should include descriptive terms in your video file names. Don’t optimize the video file name for your own computer filing system, but for major search engines. Try thinking about how search engines work and “think”. Give them what they want.

Use Video File Metadata or Keywords

Many video production software tools will allow you to input the metadata in the video itself. Video sharing sites look for titles, descriptions and even text transcript, so if you can incorporate that data in your video, make sure that your keywords or tags are relevant to your content and use as many as you are allowed. Carefully think about what keywords and tags will suit best the nature of your business. If this sounds too challenging for you, you should hire an expert to come to your aid. If you are from Melbourne, many corporate videos melbourne experts that will accurately represent and promote your products or services and help you unlock the true potential of your business.

By applying the rules we mentioned above, you are assuring that your customers will find your video. If you are looking for more tips, please visit iTV Vimeo.


Reason to Hire SEO Experts for Your SEO Needs

Search engine optimization is an essential part of online marketing that focuses on using various methods and techniques to optimize a website in a way to reach the first page of major search engines. In order to optimize your website, you must work on its internal and external features in compliance with the Google SEO rules. No matter if you are a small or a major business owner, you can significantly benefit from SEO services. However, while the benefits of SEO are many, it isn’t easy to optimize a website. Successful search engine optimization requires a lot of experience, knowledge and immense patience. Also, experts must always be up to date with technology and changes on the online market. So, if you plan to optimize your website, you should definitely hire an SEO company to come to your aid. In this article, you will learn how SEO experts can help you become visible online, build your online identity and grow your business.

Unique Content

You have probably heard the phrase “Content is the king”, and as you probably know writing unique and quality content is the most valuable SEO tool for the digital marketers. By hiring an SEO expert, you will get only the very best content for your website. You will get original, fresh and interesting content that isn’t a copy from other websites and blogs. You will also have the right keywords in the right density according to the most recent Google guidelines. The content would always have a unique, interesting title and it will be relevant to the posted website. Standard practice used in SEO writing is to keep keyword density to 3 or 4%. However, knowing how many keywords to use is not enough to complete a quality article. SEO experts have specialized writers that use different software and tools that analyze their content and helps them reach the standard major search engines require nowadays.

Target Geographical-Based Clients

Depending on the nature of your business, local SEO may be more appropriate to your needs. It is very important to target a specific audience, and SEO specialists can do this by targeting your potential customers based on their geographical locations. Since people have started using customized web searches, it has become a necessity for the online marketing experts to follow SEO practices based on specific locations and preferences of their target audience.

If you aren’t sure what customized web search means, let’s give you an example. Try clicking on SEO near me. As you can see, you don’t have to type in the name of the city anymore. Google now uses a filter that takes into account relevant information about your history, location and preferences and customizes your search engine results. It is very important to accommodate these customized searches.

Long Tail Keywords

Keywords have always been a fundamental aspect of SEO strategies, tactics, and practices. Keyword density is still relevant, but using long tail keywords is even more crucial for your success. Organic keywords, as well as lengthy keywords and phrases, will attain maximum visibility in major search engines.

SEO specialists can guide through the world of online marketing and optimize your website and business with ease. You can test your site today for free and have your SEO needs identified by the very best experts!


Home Automation Business Will Make Your Home a More Comfortable Place for Life

We live in the time of technological inventions and developments of various things that can facilitate our lives in a great measure. During the last several years big companies and corporations specialized in the invention and production of high-tech equipment for monitoring and protection of homes and other property have accumulated a great profit and made their business flourish. New discoveries and new improved appliances and home automation systems appear constantly, and we only have to pick the right one for our house; one that will best suit our needs, budget and our home and that will make our energy bills incomparably lower and enhance the security of our home to the maximum.

What Are Home Automation Systems?

Home automation refers to the automation of the ability to control items and appliances in the house and all around it with just pressing the right button, or through the voice command. It allows the owner of the home to run his/her home even while he/she is away from it and from the town through the remote that is often installed on an iPad or a smartphone. Such homes with some of these home automation systems installed on them are referred to as the smart homes because they can in a way think on their own. Home automation systems are something that every homeowner should consider installing because they can benefit from them a lot and they can help them in many ways.

Image result for Automation systems


How Can They Help You?

There are many categories of these smart home products, and all of them can help you control everything from lights and temperature inside the home to the locks and security. No matter which type of home automation system choose, it will add the safety to your home and improve the protection of your dear ones. It will give you the ability to control the appliances in your home with the simple tap of your finger on your smartphone. Your energy bills will be lower, and you will not have to worry whether or not you have locked the doors of your home when you left it because you can check that and lock your doors in the same way. It gives you the ability to monitor your home and check whether everything is fine with it and control it even when you are out of it in a town or even away from the town. Besides this, an appropriate home automation system will make the atmosphere in your home more pleasant by adjusting the temperature inside to suit your needs. In a few words it will save both your time and your money.

Where To Get One Of These Systems?

There are many types of these home automation systems, and there are many companies specialized in their production, improvement, and installation, especially in Nevada. All you need to do is to find a good and reliable company known for running a good business, for the quality of its systems and services and it will help you with choosing the right system for your home and install it for you.


Should You Build Geo Location Specific Pages For SEO Value?

Yes, having leads come in, and as result of those leads- getting paid is the life blood of any business. In this article we will talk about whether or not to build city, or geo specific web pages for the purpose of capturing sales opportunities.

Door way pages ( and other offenses) are being penalized by Google. Big brands have been affected by it. JC Penny, WordPress and others. So, how do you “rank” for geo specific search terms and not use url specific pages?

You don’t. Just kidding. But seriously, using city specific landing pages is heavily utilized in most niches. Look at thumbtack. Most of their listings are the same, just with different businesses in each city landing page. Look at most SEO companies out there. Everyone wants to rank for “SEO Company In XYZ City”. So most SEO companies, ours included wants to get more SEO clients. That is why we try and rank for terms like “Las Vegas SEO” and other terms that are not related to geo location queries.


You can optimize your website for Near Me Search Terms. Those near me search terms all have a geo specific intent with them. If you are looking for “florists near me”, or “Car parts near me”, you are looking for places within a close proximity to your actual location. So, if you want to show up when people use their location based terms, then make sure to use terms like “close to” “near by” and other terms that are related.

Not in the actual city that you are trying to get traffic in? Ok not a problem. You can simply clone your website pages and replace each city and state in the H1, H2’s etc. Always advise keeping content unique and relevant on each page. But you know that there is no duplicate penalty on your own site at this time correct?

There are lots of tools that can do this for you, but there is not substitute for doing it by hand to make sure it’s done right. Oh make sure you mark up your images with geo location data before you upload them. Yep, there are many benefits to this. You images can show up in Google Image results. The point is to get traffic and sales however you can. So including images and near me as well as geo specific queries into your site will help grow traffic. And as most of us who test our own SEO, we know that traffic is king right now.



Mobile Friendly Websites Do Well with SEO

This is part 2 of my guide on building a simple and mobile version of a small business website. Part 1 covered that essential considerations you need to take into account before developing your mobile pages. Here we get into the specific of coding the pages. Part 3 will take this into building the mobile pages in WordPress, for those sites that use it as a CMS.

A sample template of an XHTML Basic mobile web-page can be downloaded here. It includes the php coding for HTTP header delivery as discussed below.

And a couple sample mobile sites can be seen here. This car detailing shop in Vancouver, BC is seeing some success with their mobile site while this alarm system installer in Shreveport, Louisiana gets some traffic to their mobile version, the population base is just not pushing as much mobile users as a big metro city, but it’s slowly growing.

Mobile Specific Pages vs. Mobile Friendly Pages

To keep things simple we opted to create a stand alone mobile version that resides on its own URL instead of cloaking pages to provide a mobile version on the same URL’s as the normal website. Those who support the One Web philosophy may not agree with that approach but frankly it is simpler AND in the interest of delivering usable content to different user groups with different user behaviors, the one web idea is pretty flawed (IMHO).

google search results

Location of your Mobile Page URL’s

You’ve got two options. Place them in a sub folder off the root domain or use a sub-domain. The sub-folder is probably the simplest to set-up. Some label the mobile folder or sub-domain as mobile, others mobi and some just use m. In the interest of shorter url’s I like to us the m like this;

Mobile Page Meta Data

Document Types

There are two major doc types that can be used for mobile web pages. WML (wireless markup language) and XHTML. WML was the standard for older phones but as more phone browsers becom more capable, XHTML BASIC 1.1 is becoming the mobile standard. We’re going to go with the XHTML as its closer to what we as web designers are familiar with, HTML.

So this would be our doc type statement at the top of the file;

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML Basic 1.1//EN"

but since XHTML is a sort of XML we also need this above it;

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

Note that if your pages are able to execute php script then that the <?xml part of that code may get mistaken as php and the server try to parse it as such, generating an error. If that is the case then deliver that line with a php echo instead, like this;

<?php echo "".'<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>'."\n"; ?>

And we’ll also state in the html tag that this is xhtml and xml;

<html xmlns="" xml:lang="en">

Character Coding

Character coding absolutely has to be utf-8, so include this;

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="application/xhtml+xml; charset=utf-8" />

Mobile Specific Meta Tags

Modern mobile browsers on larger screened smartphones can browse normal full sized websites, but they will scale the full sized page to fit the small screen, then you would zoom in on a section of it. But because we’re building pages specifically to fit mobile screens we tell the device to not re-scale things. We also let the device know they are indeed on a mobile friendly page.

<meta name = "viewport" content = "width = device-width; initial-scale=1.0; maximum-scale=1.0; user-scalable=no;" />
<meta name="HandheldFriendly" content="True" />

Headers and Caching

You need to send some specific HTTP headers to the device. The content type header specifies an xhtml+xml application and that it uses utf-8 character coding. Also, because mobile phones have limited memory and bandwidth restrictions you should set specific caching directives to help the device limit HTTP requests and rely on its cache, where appropriate. You want to set an expiry date, into the future and tell the device to re-validate if content has expired. In other words, as the user hops from page to page, they do not need to load the entire file set again as they revisit a page via the back button.

In php you would add this code to the top of your pages, or page template;

$offset = 60 * 60 * 24 * 10;
$ExpStr = "Expires: " . gmdate("D, d M Y H:i:s", time() + $offset) . " GMT";
header("Cache-Control: must-revalidate");
header('Content-type: application/xhtml+xml; charset=utf-8');

The offset variable there is setting the expiry date to 10 days into the future, from the day the user visits it.

If caching leaves you scratching your head there’s a great overview of it here.

website example

The XHTML Markup

XHTML is pretty much exactly like HTML but it gets very strict on a few things. It is case sensitive and all tags and attributes must be in lowercase. All tags need to be closed, including empty ones like the image tag or break tag. For more on the differences between HTML and XML there are good references here and here.

Click to Call Links on Phone Numbers

Some smart phones will automatically turn a phone number into a click to call link, if the number exists in typical text formats for phone numbers. But not all of them do. You can use the tel attribute on an a href tag to make the phone dial that number when the link it clicked via the touch screen. This can bring enormous results to any SEO campaign, especially with Google Maps.

It looks like this;

<a href="tel:555-555-5555">555-555-5555</a>

If you were so inclined you could even add java on-click events to that link for tracking purposes.

Include a Back Button on Internal Pages

Most mobile browsers do not have a built in back button like your desktop browser does but we all know how handy that feature is when browsing the web. You should include a back button or link, or at the very least a home button or link at the top of your internal pages. The home page itself does not need one, of course.

For the simple types of mobile sites I’ve been building for local small businesses a home button is enough as most the mobile site pages are off the home page.

Google Analytics on Mobile Web Pages

Most mobile web browsers in modern smartphones can execute java script. The normal Google Analytics code will work just fine. There is a serverside script you can use that will let you track on phones that do not execute java but it’s really not necessary as the numbers of those are small and shrinking. More information can be found on this SEO Datahub page.

Create a Mobile Sitemap

You can create a separate, mobile specific, site map of your mobile web pages and submit it to Google via the Webmaster Tools interface. Google uses a different crawler the index the mobile web. This should get your pages crawled and indexed as mobile.

Here is an example mobile site map;

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
 <urlset xmlns=""

More on mobile sitemaps here.

Redirecting Mobile Users to your Mobile Website

Google has more than one version of its search results for mobile users. They get the normal universal results, or they can choose a mobile specific set of results. If they are using the normal results, which probably links to your normal web-pages, you want to employ user agent sniffing to detect that the user is coming from a phone and serve them your mobile specific pages.

I use this great php script by Andy Moore to detect mobile users and set redirects to mobile pages. It’s well worth the $50. You can set which types of mobile devices you want to redirect and which you do not. The iPad for instance may be a mobile device, but its large screen is as big as some laptops, they can use your full site.

I did however customize the call to this script to do a little more. I wanted mobile users to be able to visit the non-mobile pages and I wanted to set specific redirects for certain pages.

Allow Mobile Users to go Back to Main Site

When your mobile pages exist on a separate URL, like the simple mobile sites we are coding up here, you still want your users to be able to switch to the full sized site should they want to. You don’t want them caught in a loop of trying to go to the full version only to be redirected again back to the mobile version. I included a link to the full version of the website down in the footer of the mobile version and before the mobile browser check and redirect script kicks in I run a check on the referral string. If the mobile user came from a link on the same root domain, then there is no re-direct. If they landed on the site via any other referral, be it a search engine or a link from another site, we sniff for a mobile user agent and redirect them.

That code looks like this;

 if (strpos($_SERVER[HTTP_REFERER],"")==0) {

The strpos function finds the position of the first occurrence of a string within a larger string. Our string being the server response from the HTTP referrer header. So this will work for referrals from any page of the site, as well as from a sub-domain should you have placed your mobile version in a sub-domain versus a sub-folder of the root domain. We spoke with WitBlade, an SEO company in Philadelphia PA, to get another take. They agreed that mobile friendliness was key to user experience and SEO in general. Google recently announced they will have a separate mobile index for search results.

Redirect the Right Pages

The default set-up for most mobile user redirects is to throw them to your mobile home page, regardless of which page of your website they happened to land on. A better approach would be to redirect them to the relevant page of your mobile site, for those pages that have a similar page on the normal site. Your mobile version is probably a stripped down version of your site with fewer pages, only the most important ones. The rest of your non-mobile website pages can be redirected to the mobile home page.

The above referral check script could be adapted to do a second check for a sting referencing a particular page like this;

 if (strpos($_SERVER[HTTP_REFERER],"")==0) {
    if (strpos($_SERVER[HTTP_REFERER],"page-name.html")==0) {
    } elseif (strpos($_SERVER[HTTP_REFERER],"other-page.html")==0) {
    } else {

The referrer check and redirect script would be placed on your non-mobile pages.

Validate your Code

Once your site is complete you can check to make sure everything validates using the W3C mobileOK Checker. You can view how your mobile pages will render on an iPhone, from your descktop computer, using this iphone emulator.

And there you have it. How to build and code your mobile pages. Part 3 of this series will show how to do it in WordPress.

More about WitBlade, SEO Expert in Philadelphia: