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How To Preserve Your Health

Everyone can be ill, even a Search Engine Optimization expert. The continuous amount of work that must be done. Sometimes you don’t have time to be ill. That is why nowadays it is so important to improve and preserve our health. Naturopathy can help in this issue. Naturopathy is a natural medicine – the alternative approach to a traditional medicine. A postulate underlies of person’s possibilities of self-healing and recovery from birth.

Anna Murphy from the in her article explained in details what is naturopathy.

Alternative health: what is naturopathy?

The German naturopath Katrin Hempel explains how naturopathic medicine can balance the physical effects of mental and emotional stress

It is perhaps easier to list what the naturopath Katrin Hempel doesn’t offer her clients than what she does. “Bioresonance and live blood analysis, acupuncture, biopuncture, infusion therapy, oxyvenation…”

In her native Germany, the 37-year-old tells me, it is normal for one individual to offer such a wide range of therapies, normal too that they should be used alongside conventional medical treatment.

“Germany has a long tradition of natural medicine, so it’s more common to find conventional doctors who have also studied natural medicine and use these modalities. Here we are at least 20 years behind.” Continue reading here…

The basic difference of naturopathy from an official medicine is in the point of view to the problem itself. A doctor usually treats an illness, not a patient, that he sees the task very precisely, without considering the organism as a holistic system, that has a great inner potential for the health maintaining. The naturopathy position is that nature is able to solve existing health problems, the main thing – is to create for a patient the corresponding conditions, that harmonize with natural processes: proper nutrition (natural products), adherence to the working and rest regime, physical and breathing exercises, water procedures, etc.

Paul Ratté from the in his article shows in details the whole sphere of the naturopathic sphere.


What is naturopathic medicine?

Naturopathic medicine is a science-based tradition that promotes wellness by identifying the unique aspects of each patient and then employing non-toxic natural therapies to restore his or her physiological, psychological, and structural balance.

The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) defines naturopathic medicine as:

“A distinct system of primary health care-an art, science, philosophy, and practice of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of illness. Naturopathic medicine is distinguished by the principles upon which its practice is based. These principles are continually re-examined in the light of scientific advances. The techniques of naturopathic medicine include modern and traditional, scientific, and empirical methods” (AANP, 1998).
What training do naturopaths have?

Naturopathic practitioners are trained as general practitioners specializing in natural medicine. They cooperate with all other branches of medical science, referring patients to other practitioners for diagnosis or treatment when appropriate (AANP, 1998). Continue reading here…

The next video gives the explanation why it is better to apply to naturopathy.

Aspire Natural Health – Naturopathic Doctor, the best clinic of naturopathy. If you want the best for your health, apply for the professionals!


Essential SEO Tips to Optimize Your Marketing Video

Before we start, we have to mention that there are no SEO rules written in stone for optimizing a video. However, SEO experts have noticed that YouTube and search engines for websites use a similar pattern when crawling through different keywords. Certain criteria can be noticed, and certain rules can be applied. Although most SEO techniques that are more complex than the average small business marketer can apply, you can easily use some basic techniques and practices to boost your video and create a successful video marketing campaign. Continue reading to find out more about optimizing your marketing videos.

Keywords, Description, and Titles

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon that marketers simply rush to produce and post a video, neglecting to attend to the keywords, description, and titles that apply to the video. So, the first step of creating a quality optimized video is not to rush! Don’t be anxious to begin marketing your products or services and neglect thinking through what are the best keywords that will accurately describe what you are offering. Don’t try ranking for common keywords because you will have too many competition. Instead, you should try geo-targeting your product or service. Think about what would your customers type in their browsers while searching for a similar service like yours. Try answering a relevant question about your business and field of work and try doing this through an entertaining, yet engaging video. Without picking out relevant keywords, your audience won’t be able to reach you or find you, so make sure you apply the following tips.

When it comes to on-page text and links to the video, you should make sure all the videos on your website are presented on individual URLs. The text surrounding the video file is also very important, and it should include relevant keywords and links that give the search engine bots a contextual help. Next, you should optimize your video filename. Just like you optimize HTML pages and websites, you should include descriptive terms in your video file names. Don’t optimize the video file name for your own computer filing system, but for major search engines. Try thinking about how search engines work and “think”. Give them what they want.

Use Video File Metadata or Keywords

Many video production software tools will allow you to input the metadata in the video itself. Video sharing sites look for titles, descriptions and even text transcript, so if you can incorporate that data in your video, make sure that your keywords or tags are relevant to your content and use as many as you are allowed. Carefully think about what keywords and tags will suit best the nature of your business. If this sounds too challenging for you, you should hire an expert to come to your aid. If you are from Melbourne, many corporate videos melbourne experts that will accurately represent and promote your products or services and help you unlock the true potential of your business.

By applying the rules we mentioned above, you are assuring that your customers will find your video. If you are looking for more tips, please visit iTV Vimeo.


Reason to Hire SEO Experts for Your SEO Needs

Search engine optimization is an essential part of online marketing that focuses on using various methods and techniques to optimize a website in a way to reach the first page of major search engines. In order to optimize your website, you must work on its internal and external features in compliance with the Google SEO rules. No matter if you are a small or a major business owner, you can significantly benefit from SEO services. However, while the benefits of SEO are many, it isn’t easy to optimize a website. Successful search engine optimization requires a lot of experience, knowledge and immense patience. Also, experts must always be up to date with technology and changes on the online market. So, if you plan to optimize your website, you should definitely hire an SEO company to come to your aid. In this article, you will learn how SEO experts can help you become visible online, build your online identity and grow your business.

Unique Content

You have probably heard the phrase “Content is the king”, and as you probably know writing unique and quality content is the most valuable SEO tool for the digital marketers. By hiring an SEO expert, you will get only the very best content for your website. You will get original, fresh and interesting content that isn’t a copy from other websites and blogs. You will also have the right keywords in the right density according to the most recent Google guidelines. The content would always have a unique, interesting title and it will be relevant to the posted website. Standard practice used in SEO writing is to keep keyword density to 3 or 4%. However, knowing how many keywords to use is not enough to complete a quality article. SEO experts have specialized writers that use different software and tools that analyze their content and helps them reach the standard major search engines require nowadays.

Target Geographical-Based Clients

Depending on the nature of your business, local SEO may be more appropriate to your needs. It is very important to target a specific audience, and SEO specialists can do this by targeting your potential customers based on their geographical locations. Since people have started using customized web searches, it has become a necessity for the online marketing experts to follow SEO practices based on specific locations and preferences of their target audience.

If you aren’t sure what customized web search means, let’s give you an example. Try clicking on SEO near me. As you can see, you don’t have to type in the name of the city anymore. Google now uses a filter that takes into account relevant information about your history, location and preferences and customizes your search engine results. It is very important to accommodate these customized searches.

Long Tail Keywords

Keywords have always been a fundamental aspect of SEO strategies, tactics, and practices. Keyword density is still relevant, but using long tail keywords is even more crucial for your success. Organic keywords, as well as lengthy keywords and phrases, will attain maximum visibility in major search engines.

SEO specialists can guide through the world of online marketing and optimize your website and business with ease. You can test your site today for free and have your SEO needs identified by the very best experts!


Working Of SEO & Important Steps

How does SEO work?

Search engine optimization is basically art of acquiring best search engine position for the related keywords. In other words SEO enables a person to consider your site more relevant rather than your competitor’s site.

Read what Keith Kaplan has written on about the role of +1 button of Google and its role in SEO:

How Google’s +1 Button Affects SEO

Keith Kaplan

Since the days of Google Buzz, the +1 button has been a mystery to users and content producers alike. It’s different from Facebook’s “Like” button, in that it doesn’t directly share content to a user’s social stream. But the cultivation of a social graph has long been the goal of Google, and its connection to search was likely inevitable.

Google defines the +1 as a feature to help people discover and share relevant content from the people they already know and trust. Users can +1 different types of content, including Google search results, websites, and advertisements. Once users +1 a piece of content, it can be seen on the +1 tab in their Google+ profile, in Google search results, and on websites with a +1 button.

Read On..


Keywords are those words or terms that you pick to search or expect someone to find required website. With SEO, keywords are being picked by you and pages are created to focus them. By choosing a keyword or specific keywords you can focus each page. The best trick to search engine optimization is to acquire traffic by using numerous pages focused particular terms or keywords.

Correct domain name:

The use of correct domain name is very essential in SEO. Gaining different links is important for the competitive terms. Other sites tend to link to your key terms or words if they are also in your official domain name. Hence, using keywords in your official domain name is not a bad idea.

Check out this useful SEO guide by Rand Fishkin at

A Visual Guide to Keyword Targeting and On-Page SEO

By: Rand Fishkin
(Last Updated: October 24, 2014 by Rand)

How do I build the perfectly optimized page?

This is a challenging question for many in the SEO and web marketing fields. There are hundreds of “best practices” lists for where to place keywords and how to do “on-page optimization,” but as search engines have evolved and as other sources of traffic — social networks, referring links, email, blogs, etc. — have become more important and interconnected, the very nature of what’s “optimal” is up for debate.

Continue Reading..

Feedback time frame of SEO:

When you search for the SEO, you actually are looking for cache of the website. Search engines take time in order to find and guide new links.

Take a look at this video by Brian Dean to know important ranking factors in 2017:

Steps to rank well in SEO:

• Content quality should be remarkable.
• Do not forget to advertise your content.
• Links of content are built in other sites which help in the increase of your reputation. can help you with its extensive experience and expertise.


Search Engine Optimization Tools To Help You Succeed

Search engine optimization is the process through which number of visitors on a particular website is increased. When sites are visited frequently the visitors afterwards become the customers. In other words we can say that SEO is a tool, technique or tactic which maximizes the visitors on a site.

Tools for search engine optimization

Here is the list of some tools that are used for search engine optimization.
• Keyword density checker.
• Similar page checker.
• Backline summary etc.

Check out this useful list of SEO tools by Brian Dean at

SEO Tools: The Complete List (2016 Update)

by Brian Dean Last updated Oct. 08, 2016

If you want to see the best SEO tools in one place, then you’ll LOVE this guide.

I personally tested and reviewed over 184 free and paid tools.

And you can filter through the list to find the best SEO software for you.

Read full list here..

Keyword density tool

Keyword density tool is one of the most important tool. The function of this tool is to check the particular URL. Moreover, it also eliminates common stop words. Keyword density tool represents the density of your keywords.

Robbie at has compiled this list that is backed by experts:

The Best SEO Tools: As Voted by 97 Leading Search Experts

April 19, 2016 by Robbie

What are the best SEO tools?

Run a quick search in Google and you’ll see a number of posts listing hundreds of different tools covering everything from link analysis to keyword research tools.

While these lists are comprehensive, you often leave feeling totally overwhelmed, not knowing where to start.

Most people don’t have the time to learn about, let alone review hundreds of different tools.

So, I took a different approach.

Read More..

Similar page checker

This tool is very helpful in search engine optimization. Search engines take serious actions onto the websites that contains similar or duplicate content. Through this tool you will get to know the percentage of likeness among two pages.

Also watch this video by Marketing 2016 about a powerful seo tool:

Backline summary

This tool will help you in providing a summary of your opponents’ backlines.

Techniques of SEO

These are the following techniques that one must not forget:

 Must use hyphens between the words so that it becomes readable.
 The use of sticky posts is good (If it is necessary).
 Do not use underscores specifically in URLs.
 Use appropriate internal linking. uses all these techniques to help its valued customers.


Advantages Of Using Convertible Furniture As Storage Units

convertible bed with storage spaceIncreasing the storage capacity in your home can assist you in reducing clutter. It also assists in creating a more attractive and modern space. One cheap and easy solution for increasing storage space in your home is using convertible furniture as storage units.

There is no need to buy rather expensive storage facilities, yet you can have stylish storage facilities by going for convertible furniture units. The right furniture assists you in reducing any clutter in your home while making a room look stylish. Here are some advantages using convertible furniture as storage facilities.



Convertible storage furniture is available in different sizes and styles. You can find them as wall mounted shelves that can be converted into coffee tables or transformed into desks and dining tables. There is also floor storage or wall-mounted convertible furniture depending on the space you have and the furniture you choose.



Convertible storage furniture comes with a modern look that fits in any interior design of a home. You do not have to buy rather expensive antique or giant furniture to work as storage units while you can buy cheaper convertible storage furniture. They have glossy finishes, minimal hardware, clean lines, and bold colors. They improve the décor of any room instantly while increasing the storage capacity of your home.



The modular design of modern convertible furniture makes them lightweight storage solutions. They make moving easy, and they can be broken apart or reconfigured into several pieces. Their streamlined designs and lack of extraneous parts weighs them down and makes them decorative. You get an exquisite, simple piece of furniture that you can use for storage and is easy to transport.




Despite being light in weight, convertible storage furniture is sturdy. They befit their multiple purposes. You can store Heavy vases and books in the convertible furniture without fear of falling apart. DVDs and other such media and be stored in the storage cubes without worries of falling over. However, you need to observe their weight limits depending on the specific piece of furniture for storage.



Despite having high-end designs and multiple features of working as both furniture and storage units, they are still affordable. The fact that convertible furniture combines two or more furniture into one multipurpose piece means you are saving more money rather than buying many separate types of furniture.



You can find modern convertible storage furniture that has laminated surfaces and are painted to make them repel water and resist damage. They are also designed with the benefit of having firm closures that keep out damaging materials such as water.

With these benefits in mind, convertible storage furniture is a great option to use as storage units. You can find affordable, yet beautiful convertible storage furniture. You can find a wide variety of convertible furniture to work as a storage solution for any room in your home, and those that suits your budget.


Choosing the Right Home Office Furniture

Home offices are popular these days, and they can be found in most homes. Modern times have brought many changes and doing your job and conducting all tasks that your business requires from the comfort of your home is one of them. There is no need anymore for chasing around in a desperate hurry to arrive at your business office that is far away from your home and fulfill all your obligations in time when you can do that from the comfort of your precious home. All you need to do is to find a room suitable for home office and transform it into an ideal place for work.

How Can You Do That?

The crucial thing for transforming the room you have chosen into a home office is choosing the right kind of furniture. It may be hard for your to choose an appropriate home office furniture, but if you choose wisely, your future home office will reward you with a space that is enjoyable to spend the time and work in. There are many things to plan and to take into a consideration before you make your final decision and purchase your furniture such as space size, appearance of the furniture, your budget, how much time you are going to spend there, etc. and if you think about everything in detail you will not have any problem.

How To Choose the Furniture?

Before you purchase your home office furniture, you have to think about how much room you have and how long you will use it on a daily basis. Make sure that the furniture fits your office and that it is not too large or too small. Measure your space, windows, and doorways carefully and then decide about the dimensions of your furniture. If you are going to spend there most of your day, make sure that the furniture is practical and comfortable enough as well. Besides functionality of the furniture and how comfortable it needs to be, you should also choose the style that will best suit your job, your working space and your personality. Do not be afraid to pay a little bit more for a quality piece of furniture. In that way, you will be sure that it will be durable, that it will serve you long and well. Do not rush and buy the first piece of furniture you come across only because it is cheap; quality and low price do not go together.

Where To Find the Best Home Office Furniture?

There are many furniture stores where you can purchase your home office furniture, but not all of them are good, and not all of them can provide you with the quality pieces of furniture you need. If you are searching for the best home office furniture company, then contact some of the DMI Furniture companies, and they will help your choose your ideal home office furniture.

If you want to read more information about these companies and everything that they have to offer, visit and there you will find everything you are interested to know.


Local SEO is Important for Accountants and Bookkeepers

Search engine optimization is vital for business growth of any nature, including accounting firms. Any Accounting Firm that uses the internet to reach their clients should start using SEO to improve its visibility and reach out to as many customers as possible. If you want to expand your customer base in the most cost-effective way possible, you need to know about SEO. Small businesses have numerous options, in terms who will they choose to do their accounting and your duty is to make them pick you. To do so, you must stand out on the market and rise above your competitors. If you are on the first page of Google, it would be much easier for your clients to find your website and contact you.

Embrace the Opportunities of Local SEO

Website optimization gives small business the opportunity to stand out and compete alongside large companies that have big budgets. You don’t need to invest a lot of money in SEO to obtain favorable results. Organic SEO is technically free. You will have to pay for web design and development or content writing, but the organic traffic you’ll get as a result won’t cost you a thing. You don’t have to engage yourself in a complex SEO campaign. It could be enough to take care of your website, produce quality content regularly and analyze your results to figure out what people like and what they don’t like. Improvement will come quickly, even within a month. To clarify this for you, we’ll give you a simple example. Think of SEO as going to the gym to get into shape. You won’t get in shape overnight, but you know that giving an effort each day will lead to significant, long-lasting results.

How Google Views the Web

Google mostly looks at the internet as a place where quality information is freely exchanged, and that is fine, but it doesn’t correspond to your goals. Your goal is to promote your business on the web. Now a good thing is you can also do that by providing quality information to your clients that are related to your business. This is done through content marketing and having a quality blog. Valuable information impress search engines so never forget to work on improving your content and providing your clients with quality information they deserve. This is also an excellent opportunity to highlight your expertise in a particular area.

So if you imagine a great accounting website, it should have a visually appealing site, openly offered services, prices and client’s reviews and great content. It should show your firm’s specialties and the fact that you really care about your customers. The website must look very visually appealing and attractive, and that is done through original articles, blog posts, videos and infographics.

Many accounting firms from Australia are aware of the importance of using SEO to rise above their competitors. For example, this Accountant Melbourne is mindful of the importance of building a strong online presence and. His firm updates their site on a regular basis, make unique content that is relevant only to their company, they work on link building and so on. Follow their example to build and solidify your online presence and reach out to your clients.


Mobile Friendly Websites Do Well with SEO

This is part 2 of my guide on building a simple and mobile version of a small business website. Part 1 covered that essential considerations you need to take into account before developing your mobile pages. Here we get into the specific of coding the pages. Part 3 will take this into building the mobile pages in WordPress, for those sites that use it as a CMS.

A sample template of an XHTML Basic mobile web-page can be downloaded here. It includes the php coding for HTTP header delivery as discussed below.

And a couple sample mobile sites can be seen here. This car detailing shop in Vancouver, BC is seeing some success with their mobile site while this alarm system installer in Shreveport, Louisiana gets some traffic to their mobile version, the population base is just not pushing as much mobile users as a big metro city, but it’s slowly growing.

Mobile Specific Pages vs. Mobile Friendly Pages

To keep things simple we opted to create a stand alone mobile version that resides on its own URL instead of cloaking pages to provide a mobile version on the same URL’s as the normal website. Those who support the One Web philosophy may not agree with that approach but frankly it is simpler AND in the interest of delivering usable content to different user groups with different user behaviors, the one web idea is pretty flawed (IMHO).

google search results

Location of your Mobile Page URL’s

You’ve got two options. Place them in a sub folder off the root domain or use a sub-domain. The sub-folder is probably the simplest to set-up. Some label the mobile folder or sub-domain as mobile, others mobi and some just use m. In the interest of shorter url’s I like to us the m like this;

Mobile Page Meta Data

Document Types

There are two major doc types that can be used for mobile web pages. WML (wireless markup language) and XHTML. WML was the standard for older phones but as more phone browsers becom more capable, XHTML BASIC 1.1 is becoming the mobile standard. We’re going to go with the XHTML as its closer to what we as web designers are familiar with, HTML.

So this would be our doc type statement at the top of the file;

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML Basic 1.1//EN"

but since XHTML is a sort of XML we also need this above it;

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

Note that if your pages are able to execute php script then that the <?xml part of that code may get mistaken as php and the server try to parse it as such, generating an error. If that is the case then deliver that line with a php echo instead, like this;

<?php echo "".'<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>'."\n"; ?>

And we’ll also state in the html tag that this is xhtml and xml;

<html xmlns="" xml:lang="en">

Character Coding

Character coding absolutely has to be utf-8, so include this;

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="application/xhtml+xml; charset=utf-8" />

Mobile Specific Meta Tags

Modern mobile browsers on larger screened smartphones can browse normal full sized websites, but they will scale the full sized page to fit the small screen, then you would zoom in on a section of it. But because we’re building pages specifically to fit mobile screens we tell the device to not re-scale things. We also let the device know they are indeed on a mobile friendly page.

<meta name = "viewport" content = "width = device-width; initial-scale=1.0; maximum-scale=1.0; user-scalable=no;" />
<meta name="HandheldFriendly" content="True" />

Headers and Caching

You need to send some specific HTTP headers to the device. The content type header specifies an xhtml+xml application and that it uses utf-8 character coding. Also, because mobile phones have limited memory and bandwidth restrictions you should set specific caching directives to help the device limit HTTP requests and rely on its cache, where appropriate. You want to set an expiry date, into the future and tell the device to re-validate if content has expired. In other words, as the user hops from page to page, they do not need to load the entire file set again as they revisit a page via the back button.

In php you would add this code to the top of your pages, or page template;

$offset = 60 * 60 * 24 * 10;
$ExpStr = "Expires: " . gmdate("D, d M Y H:i:s", time() + $offset) . " GMT";
header("Cache-Control: must-revalidate");
header('Content-type: application/xhtml+xml; charset=utf-8');

The offset variable there is setting the expiry date to 10 days into the future, from the day the user visits it.

If caching leaves you scratching your head there’s a great overview of it here.

website example

The XHTML Markup

XHTML is pretty much exactly like HTML but it gets very strict on a few things. It is case sensitive and all tags and attributes must be in lowercase. All tags need to be closed, including empty ones like the image tag or break tag. For more on the differences between HTML and XML there are good references here and here.

Click to Call Links on Phone Numbers

Some smart phones will automatically turn a phone number into a click to call link, if the number exists in typical text formats for phone numbers. But not all of them do. You can use the tel attribute on an a href tag to make the phone dial that number when the link it clicked via the touch screen. This can bring enormous results to any SEO campaign, especially with Google Maps.

It looks like this;

<a href="tel:555-555-5555">555-555-5555</a>

If you were so inclined you could even add java on-click events to that link for tracking purposes.

Include a Back Button on Internal Pages

Most mobile browsers do not have a built in back button like your desktop browser does but we all know how handy that feature is when browsing the web. You should include a back button or link, or at the very least a home button or link at the top of your internal pages. The home page itself does not need one, of course.

For the simple types of mobile sites I’ve been building for local small businesses a home button is enough as most the mobile site pages are off the home page.

Google Analytics on Mobile Web Pages

Most mobile web browsers in modern smartphones can execute java script. The normal Google Analytics code will work just fine. There is a serverside script you can use that will let you track on phones that do not execute java but it’s really not necessary as the numbers of those are small and shrinking. More information can be found on this SEO Datahub page.

Create a Mobile Sitemap

You can create a separate, mobile specific, site map of your mobile web pages and submit it to Google via the Webmaster Tools interface. Google uses a different crawler the index the mobile web. This should get your pages crawled and indexed as mobile.

Here is an example mobile site map;

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
 <urlset xmlns=""

More on mobile sitemaps here.

Redirecting Mobile Users to your Mobile Website

Google has more than one version of its search results for mobile users. They get the normal universal results, or they can choose a mobile specific set of results. If they are using the normal results, which probably links to your normal web-pages, you want to employ user agent sniffing to detect that the user is coming from a phone and serve them your mobile specific pages.

I use this great php script by Andy Moore to detect mobile users and set redirects to mobile pages. It’s well worth the $50. You can set which types of mobile devices you want to redirect and which you do not. The iPad for instance may be a mobile device, but its large screen is as big as some laptops, they can use your full site.

I did however customize the call to this script to do a little more. I wanted mobile users to be able to visit the non-mobile pages and I wanted to set specific redirects for certain pages.

Allow Mobile Users to go Back to Main Site

When your mobile pages exist on a separate URL, like the simple mobile sites we are coding up here, you still want your users to be able to switch to the full sized site should they want to. You don’t want them caught in a loop of trying to go to the full version only to be redirected again back to the mobile version. I included a link to the full version of the website down in the footer of the mobile version and before the mobile browser check and redirect script kicks in I run a check on the referral string. If the mobile user came from a link on the same root domain, then there is no re-direct. If they landed on the site via any other referral, be it a search engine or a link from another site, we sniff for a mobile user agent and redirect them.

That code looks like this;

 if (strpos($_SERVER[HTTP_REFERER],"")==0) {

The strpos function finds the position of the first occurrence of a string within a larger string. Our string being the server response from the HTTP referrer header. So this will work for referrals from any page of the site, as well as from a sub-domain should you have placed your mobile version in a sub-domain versus a sub-folder of the root domain. We spoke with WitBlade, an SEO company in Philadelphia PA, to get another take. They agreed that mobile friendliness was key to user experience and SEO in general. Google recently announced they will have a separate mobile index for search results.

Redirect the Right Pages

The default set-up for most mobile user redirects is to throw them to your mobile home page, regardless of which page of your website they happened to land on. A better approach would be to redirect them to the relevant page of your mobile site, for those pages that have a similar page on the normal site. Your mobile version is probably a stripped down version of your site with fewer pages, only the most important ones. The rest of your non-mobile website pages can be redirected to the mobile home page.

The above referral check script could be adapted to do a second check for a sting referencing a particular page like this;

 if (strpos($_SERVER[HTTP_REFERER],"")==0) {
    if (strpos($_SERVER[HTTP_REFERER],"page-name.html")==0) {
    } elseif (strpos($_SERVER[HTTP_REFERER],"other-page.html")==0) {
    } else {

The referrer check and redirect script would be placed on your non-mobile pages.

Validate your Code

Once your site is complete you can check to make sure everything validates using the W3C mobileOK Checker. You can view how your mobile pages will render on an iPhone, from your descktop computer, using this iphone emulator.

And there you have it. How to build and code your mobile pages. Part 3 of this series will show how to do it in WordPress.

More about WitBlade, SEO Expert in Philadelphia:


Local SEO Experts Use Inspiring Crafted Tiles for Office Decoration

The office is the place where we spend most of our time, working hard every day for long hours. The same goes for SEO experts, so it is necessary for them, as for everybody else, to care about the design and the decoration of their office. A beautifully decorated office can in many ways improve your business. The right design and decoration should represent your company’s image and the nature of your business. You will impress your clients, leaving a good first impression and most importantly, you’ll keep your employees satisfied and inspired.

If an office is overcrowded, not well-organized and poorly designed, your employees will feel muddled and lose their desire to work. Well-organized, properly designed and attractively decorated workplace will not only have a good shape that encourages the employees to work, but it will also evoke creativity in them and enhance their productivity. Office decoration doesn’t have to be complicated, the key is to focus on the details. Read on to find out how have SEO experts from Melbourne made a perfect working and inspirational atmosphere by using crafted tiles.

The Office Must Be Comfortable for Your Eyes

Many SEO specialists focus on creating an office environment that will be comfortable for the employees, but overlook the aesthetics. It is true that functionality and practicality of the furniture and other furnishing products are in the first place, but you should also know that no one feels comfortable in a cold, monotone, strictly formal-looking office. SEO work requires a lot of creativity. We could say that search engine optimization specialists are like artists, they must be creative, unique and appealing to bring something new that was never seen before, in order to succeed and be heard of. Like artists, SEO experts besides using their wealth of knowledge, they must use their creative skills and imagination to come up with unique SEO strategies and solutions that will help one’s business to stand up and dominate the market. Creativity plays a vital role in their work and therefore it is crucial to enhance it in every possible way. In every Tile Store you can find great tiles that will enrich your home, office or retail environment. That enrichment, no matter how small will stimulate your creativity and inspiration.

Crafted Tiles are Both Practical and Aesthetically Pleasing

Tile Shop in Melbourne has a variety of beautiful tiles that will complement your office environment and create a unique, inspirational working atmosphere ideal for any SEO specialist. The aesthetic appeal of these tiles will motivate employees to do their best and to be more energetic. The best thing about using them is that they are scratch resistant, mark resistant, moisture and stain resistant. These features ensure their durability and also take into account that they will certainly last long.

Quality office designs and decorations are vital to increase the rate of productivity and really inspire your employees. Only by creating an inviting, inspirational atmosphere you can stimulate your workers to do their best and to improve their performance.

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