Do you realize more and more people are now using search engines to find local businesses, and NOTdominate-local-search phone directories?

Are they finding your website?

If not, we can help.

We Specialize In
  • Local SEO for Organic Search Rankings
  • Maps Optimization for placement in Google Maps
  • Geo-Targeted Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

We’ll help you maximize your local exposure online, build a strong brand, grow your website traffic AND increase local sales! Contact Us Today You’ll be glad you did.

GeoLocalSEO Specializes in Local Search Marketing for Locally Based Businesses in the USA and Canada

We love helping local businesses succeed in the ever evolving online world. In fact, we spotted the opportunity of “local search” well before Google began showing map results for local businesses inside it’s main search results. Read more about our background here.

The trend towards local search is growing every day and our clients have been seeing huge, and growing, rewards from their internet exposure with the help of our local SEO services.

Local SEO for Organic Search Rankings

Organic search results are the usual listings you see when you do a search in Google, Yahoo or MSN. Good rankings in organic search will drive the bulk of the traffic to your website. It is here where we can also target a wider range of keywords to maximize the local traffic your website receives.

We’ve been practicing organic SEO since before Google Maps and Yahoo Local even existed. We have a deep understanding of how the search engines operate and have stayed ahead of the curve when the engines make changes to their ranking algorithm. You’ll see long term benefits from our experience in developing local seo strategies.

Optimized Placement in Local Search Engines

Within the last couple of years the search engines have been providing improved “local search” features. Google in particular has been embedding these “Maps” inside their search pages as part of their Universal Search results. This has opened new opportunities for local businesses and requires different techniques, from organic SEO, to get exposure there, you can may also check our free backlinks blog.

We can help your business get more exposure with Local Maps SEO. As Maps usage grows it is becoming more important to be seen here as well as in organic search.

Geo-Targeted Pay Per Click Advertising

For some of our clients Pay Per Click (PPC) is an important advertising method to target multiple areas or wider ranges of keywords for multiple products or services. Or simply as a way to get immediate results while we wait for organic SEO efforts to kick in. Our geo-targeting techniques, keyword insights and landing page optimization will help you develop a local PPC campaign that produces a high return on investment.